4 Day Workout Routine for Impressive Gains for Women Bodybuilders

woman bodybuilder 4 day workout
The road to fitness is not an easy one. It is a very gradual and time taking process that requires an immense amount of patience, perseverance and motivation to keep pushing and stay on track. Every body type is different and our bodies react differently to the kinds of stresses exerted on them in the form of workouts. Whilst cardio may work for so...
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Speed up Your Weight Loss Journey: Why Autumn is the Best Time to Lose Weight Fast?

speed up your weight loss journey this Autumn season
The season of Autumn is all about fresh air with that crisp touch, colorful leaves falling to the ground and that slight breeze blowing! It's hard not to fall in love with fall. Apart from those being mentioned above, there's another reason to adore Autumn and that is because it's the best time to get into shape. It's an opportunity to ge...
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Gameday Nutrition Tips: Are you feeding your Young Athlete right?

Football, Lacrosse, and Soccer are on the go right now, and your high school athlete needs some full-on nutritious diet. Playing sports require high levels of energy especially if your kid is regularly competing in all day-events and tournaments. To take care of their high energy requirements, young athletes need 600 to 16000 daily calories as comp...
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5 Foods You Should Be Eating For Your Best Body

  1. Green Beans Filling up on green beans, and other high-fiber foods, can help you prevent weight gain or even promote weight loss—without dieting—suggests new research in The Journal of Nutrition . Researchers found that women who increased their fiber intake generally lost weight while women who decreased the fiber in their diets gained. T...
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4 Obvious But Overlooked Benefits of Exercise

Overlooked benefits of exercise
It takes a lot of motivation to get up and exercise as a part of your daily routine. You may have heard the vague statement that working out is great for your body, especially the heart. But sometimes that's just not good enough to make you hit the gym. When you get into the statistics, the reality is hard to ignore. A majority of the population is...
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Maximize Your Workout Results with These 5 Eating Habits

Workout Goals
Working out at the gym has become a routine for many people out there. With that being said, not all of us are blessed with fast metabolisms and great body structure. Not seeing the results of your hard work can be devastating for some. What many fitness enthusiasts fail to realize is that your diet and exercise go hand in hand. Keeping a check on ...
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5 Best Fitness Destinations in Australia

Top fitness destinations in Australia
With fitness trends on the rise, individuals are looking for unique and innovative ideas on health tourism and  how they can spend holidays the healthy way. Australian   fitness retreat  are  all about great fun in the outdoors, quality time with loved ones and of course actual exercise. Our list of Australian fitness holid...
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Why Consistency Matters with Your Fitness Routine?

consistency is the key to achieve fitness goals
On a usual note, missing a day or two of workout makes it harder to get back on the trail next day. Similarly, few cheat meals surely helps in keeping yourself happy but finding motivation to have the same boring diet next day is difficult for some. Let's be honest, we are anxious beings who want the quick results without putting in much effort, an...
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