How to Stay Fit Despite a Busy Schedule

Maintaining an active lifestyle has become a necessity in today's world. There's so much on our plate that needs constant attention. We strive to do the best on the job, at home, and in our communities. While fitting in every role that life has offered us, we forget to focus on our health. Work, specifically, can get in the way of working out!...
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Pyramid Training: Strength Workout for Athletes & Bodybuilders

pyramid training strength workout
Have you ever heard about pyramid training? If you aren't, so pay attention. No, It isn't an ancient Egyptian trick which is been kept secret for centuries, but it's still a trusted technique. Read on, to gather some knowledge on pyramid training strength workout. If you wish to lose fat, strengthen your muscles or hypotrophy, enrolling in a pyrami...
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5 Ways in Which Exercise Keeps Your Aging Muscles Young

How exercise keep you young and stops aging
They say the keys to a happy and long life is a healthy diet and good amount of exercise. Whilst diet helps regulate all essential chemical nutrient levels in the body, exercise manages to keep the physical aspects and interpretations of those in check.  Gretchen Reynolds reported a study in a New York Times article on exercise and its correla...
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Speed up Your Weight Loss Journey: Why Autumn is the Best Time to Lose Weight Fast?

speed up your weight loss journey this Autumn season
The season of Autumn is all about fresh air with that crisp touch, colorful leaves falling to the ground and that slight breeze blowing! It's hard not to fall in love with fall. Apart from those being mentioned above, there's another reason to adore Autumn and that is because it's the best time to get into shape. It's an opportunity to ge...
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Not a Workout Person? Play Sports!

Benefits of Playing Sports
What is vital to preserve physical and mental health? As we are aging the ability to survive independently has become crucial. Having a regular workout regime is the best thing that you can do to your body. It helps in improving heart health, builds up strong bones, enhances immunity and aids in weight control and enhanced. The latest research show...
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Weight Loss Meditation: Start a Healthy Lifestyle

weight loss meditation -woman-sitting-in-yoga-pose-on-the-beach
The most important aspect to overcoming any obstacle is having the right mindset. Weight loss is a journey; one that is physically and emotionally challenging. To achieve your overall target, it is crucial that you start your journey in your mind.  We live very busy lives and often we forget to keep track of what goes inside our body; such neg...
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High Intensity Interval Training: Must Know Facts about HIIT

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Benefits
We all have heard about high intensity interval training HIIT, a very specific and particular type of fitness training that involves high intensity training at intervals without actually doing a workout. HIIT is a very active and compelling routine that promises results only when done right. Mainly revolving around precise yet vivid bursts of ...
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Work Smarter Not Longer! 4 Easy Exercises with Longer Benefits

Work Smarter Not Harder
Let's face the reality. We all dread long workouts at the gym. This is especially true when you don't get the results you desire fast. Many common complaints revolve around the fact that you workout 5 days in a week but you see no improvement in your body. Nothing can be as painful as that. You may have heard the statement change is necessary in li...
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