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10 Exercises That Trainers Would Never Do


While working out, you perform many exercises to sweat hard. With every passing day, the methods are being updated and discarded for one reason or the other. We have listed 10 exercises which are labeled as not-to-do by some competent trainers.  

Don't Press the Heels

Traditionally, it would be good exercise but trainers do not advice it anymore, the reason being the research results saying it puts too much pressure on the lower back. If you still do it, stop it now. Instead, you can do bent-knee Pilates which puts less burden on the spine.  

​Thigh Adductor Is A Waste Of Time

Do you have extra time to waste? Certainly not. Thigh adductor was one of the most commonly used workout machines. But, it is a time wasting exercise since it doesn't train the inner thigh in a natural way. As a replacement, single- legged Romanian Deadlift is recommended.

Drop Seated Torso Rotation

Would you burn the belly fats at the expense of stressed lower spine? I wouldn't. Not only this, but it also doesn't offer much pelvis rotation. You can do wood chops instead of this which focuses the core more.

​Switch Behind-The-Head Shoulder Press With Overhead Shoulder Press

Why risk behind-the-head shoulder presses if it doesn't offer much? Instead, it can harm your shoulder joints and collar-bone. You can do overhead shoulder press which not only offers a wider range of motion but also causes minimal pain.

Eliminate Risk Of Damage With Straight-Leg Deadlifts

Let me tell you a secret, a slightly modified straight-leg deadlift will reduce the pressure exerted on your back and also help your hamstring train in a better way. Just bend your knees while lifting the weight to avoid backbone issues. They call it Romanian Deadlifts and is recommended by the experts.

​Squats With Exercise Balls Is Not Safe

Have you been advised to put an exercise ball as support between your legs while doing squats? If yes, then you might need to change your trainer. Experts think that it increases the risk of knees caving inside when the ball is removed. Use Thera band for squats- it is safer.

​Flipping Tires Causes Muscle Torque

There is no point doing a difficult movement which brings a risk of torn muscles and complex injuries. The gravitational torque produced during flipping tires can lead to weakened muscles and injuries.

​Big No To Crunches If You Have Spinal Cord Issues

Research revealed that people suffering from spinal-cord issues or disc-bulges must not perform crunches. As a replacement, they can do horizontal squats which is a great workout for the core. You can also add side planks if you want.

Plank Rows Are Offers More Benefits Than Biceps

Although biceps curls are not a bad exercise, I would rather prefer to do a plank row. A 3 in 1 combo which not only strengthens the arms and shoulders but also stretches the core.

Leg-Presses Can Cause Injury

Dense weights used for leg-presses exerts a lot of force on the knees and hip which can lead to serious injuries. If you want your legs strong and in shape too, you can perform Bulgarian split squats-a smarter way to reap maximum benefits.

The objective of workout is to make you fitter not to get hurt. Looking for some safe workout techniques? Checkout our next blog.

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