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4 Day Workout Routine for Impressive Gains for Women Bodybuilders

woman bodybuilder 4 day workout

The road to fitness is not an easy one. It is a very gradual and time taking process that requires an immense amount of patience, perseverance and motivation to keep pushing and stay on track. Every body type is different and our bodies react differently to the kinds of stresses exerted on them in the form of workouts. Whilst cardio may work for some, it is weight lifting that gets another person going; there really is no wrong or right way. If you are looking to build up muscle by following a workout routine that is consistent, manageable and not at all overwhelming; here is your guide. This workout routine will ensure you work on your targeted muscles whilst getting breaks in between. Let's get started.

A 12 week program designed to lay stress on each significant muscle group; this routine involves both isolated as well as compound exercises. 6 to 8 exercises are to be performed daily which makes this both stimulating and satisfying considering you follow this routine to a dot.

Rest Periods between Sets 

Rest periods are crucial in any workout routine because they make sure that your muscles do not get overworked amidst the stress that is being put on them. When switching between exercises, the ideal rest period is up to 2 minutes. Not only will they give your muscles enough repair time but they will also enable you to stay focused on training and stay true to time. As a result, you will be spending less time in the gym because you will be in and out at your set time.

Choosing Weights for Each Exercise

The basic guideline to follow when you must consider increasing your weight load is to do so when you are capable of performing all the sets and the number of reps for hat exercise with ease. Once you have accomplished that, you are ready to go a step up and increase the weight you choose to carry. Progressive increase in load will help your muscles adapt to increased loads in an easier fashion. 

4 Day Workout Program Outline

Every day the exercises focus on a different group of muscles to make sure one or the other does not get fatigued along with providing the necessary strength work needed to build your core strength. Follow these to the dot for best results. If any exercise mentions "AMAP" under reps, make sure to perform as many as you can.

  • Monday - Chest & Biceps
  • Tuesday - Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
  • Thursday - Back & Abs
  • Friday - Legs
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