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5 Biggest Mistakes you do in Body Building Competition Prep

gym woman bodybuilding -5 mistakes to avoid

Each year hundreds of women athletes step on the stage of bodybuilding contest after weeks of preparation. You may hear similar stories on the backstage of the contest day about how every one of them has put forth the maximum amount of effort to reach this stage. Every one of them devised a thorough plan however only a few things worked according to plan. Each of the athletes started with high hopes yet only a few of them ended up with the required results. It is because of the trending blunders that women athletes are doing these days which we are discussing today. Read on!


​Heavy Dieting

The idea of heavy dieting is more common in young athletes or beginners as compared to experienced sportsmen. If it is your first time in the elite contest then it may be very hard for you to realize the amount of fat you are carrying. Most of the bodybuilders overestimate their fat components and end up shredding up to 14 to 17 pounds. Following heavy diet at the start means spending most of your prep time dieting hard. It affects the metabolic rate and hurt the potential to become ultra-lean.


​Generic or Template Diet Plan

If one diet plan is working for one person it may not necessarily be working for another. Even if the diet plan is an advice from your gym partner or is one viral diet plan online. The metabolism of one individual is always different from another as we all possess different caloric requirements. That is why your body responds differently to some micronutrients combinations as opposed to your gym partner's experience.

All you need is to pay close attention to your diet to find out which food helps you achieve the best look and how you can implement this correctly in your last diet plan weeks. Generic diet plans will give you generic results leaving you in ordinary body shape.

Not Measuring Progress 

Pay full attention to your scales and make sure if your bodybuilding approach is working or not. Keeps a record of your core measurements including arms, chest, waist, upper legs, and shoulders at the start of prep. Weight yourself on daily basis after four weeks and take pictures weekly to log in a training session. Make use of the app BodySpace and keep everything saved in one place.


​Social Sacrifices

Prep time does not mean you need to make social sacrifices like not showing up on get-togethers or having fewer social meals. This may affect your family life and relationships. Your loved ones might not appreciate your lone lifestyle. You need to find a balance between your family life and prep time as any professional who makes effort to keep things smooth in his life.

​Marathon Workouts

Training at high intensities and for longer time duration usually ends up making you look stringy and flat on stage. Here is a tip: limit weight-training sessions to an hour excluding cardio and warm-up. Focus on multi-joint workouts and be efficient during gym exercises.

If you want to create your mark in that most-sought bodybuilding competition, just avoid these mistakes. And keep one thing in mind, there is no phenomenon like a flawless prep in this world but there are few errors that can be avoided.

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