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Bodybuilding Beginners, This is for you!

woman bodybuilding beginner

Do you wish to start weight-lifting or strength program but not sure how to start? Every bodybuilder goes through this stage once in their lifetime. You are a fresher at the gym and do not know how to use weight lifting machine. Well, we present you some basic guidelines and rules that will help you in the following workout.

Whether it is lean muscle gain, weight loss, overall fitness or just strength, this blog will help you to start up the bodybuilding career on the right foot on your way to fitness and health goals. Read on!

​Strength Training

Strength workout provides outstanding results for those who started and failed at refurbishing their fitness program with only cardio or diet. Consistent training is the key that is required thrice per week for more than twelve weeks. You will get following benefits:

  • High ligament strength
  • High tendon strength
  • Improved strength of muscle contractile
  • Improved muscle's fiber size

And you end up being much fitter, healthier with a body that will not injure easily. Moreover, your figure will turn into impress one. 

Lifting Etiquette

You will be doing a lot of weightlifting in the gym and we present you some rules of lifting.

​Be Presentable 

You must have one towel to wipe off all the benches, machines, and other equipment before starting your workout. 

Put the weights back in place once you're done

After getting done with the weightlifting always re-rack all weights and replace barbells or dumbbells which you have used.

Don't keep the machine occupied

Make sure you are not using a machine for resting after attempting one set as someone may be waiting for it to get free. You can work in between sets if it is possible. People are willing to share their machine if they are asked in a nice way.

Cellphones are a big No!

The final and most important tip is to leave your mobile phone in car or locker as it is extremely distracting to listen to another gym player's conversation reluctantly.

​Common Mistakes to Avoid

Starting with heavy ones

Avoid lifting too much weight in the start and always begin with lower as compared to your expected capability and reach your way up. If your body is suffering then most probably you are swinging weight or utilizing momentum that implies you are using a high level of weight. Increased momentum affects the injury perspective and reduces the value to muscle group that you are targeting.

Longer intervals

Resting for longer duration or not resting at all is workout killers. The resting period recommended by fitness gurus is 35-90 seconds to help achieve overall fitness.

Keeping it Fast

Never go too fast or move quickly in between repetitions. You will not gain anything by lifting weights super-fast. The benefits of weightlifting in a controlled and slow manner include increased muscle tension, high force production, high muscle fiber activation, and less tissue strain. The strength is a joint depends on the muscle which crosses it. If you have abandoned weightlifting for longer duration of time then be careful of your joints.

Play safe. However, if you are performing more than 30 repetitions with one weight than you can increase it a little bit.

Enjoy your bodybuilding journey and keep your hopes high!

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