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6 Super Easy Exercises to Get Rid of Baby Weight

Lose baby fat fast

Child birth is nothing short of a miracle and motherhood is an experience that can be compared to nothing else in the world. To hold your child in your arms after nurturing it for nine months inside your womb is emotional to say the least. As rewarding and wholesome as motherhood is, the process of becoming one isn't. Baby weight is a harsh reality that every mother-to-be deals with because pregnancy provokes your body to undergo many changes including the weight gain. Losing the baby weight is another struggle altogether but it isn't completely unattainable. The solution lies in exercising but before opting for a workout routine, make sure to consult with your doctor first. Let's get started. 

Post Pregnancy Weight loss exercise; Get Your Body-Back


Perhaps the easiest of them all, walking is fun. Start your fitness journey with an everyday casual stroll working your way up to a power walk. Bring your baby along in a front pack for added benefits. To keep your muscles from getting accustomed to the routine, try to switch things up every now and then. 

Stomach Tightening through Deep Belly Breathing

Stomach fat is the hardest to reduce after delivery. With this exercise, you can relax your abdominal muscles whilst simultaneously strengthening them and getting them into shape. Just sit upright, breathe in deeply from the diaphragm up and breathe out slowly whilst contracting your abs. Practice will enable you to increase your stamina over time. 

Head and Shoulder Lifts, and Pushes

All these exercises contribute to the toning as well as strengthening of your abs as well as your tummy and it also helps instigate good blood circulation and ventilation. 

Pelvic Tilt

This exercise is great if you are looking to tone your pelvic muscles and your tummy. It will also strengthen your back muscles in the process of which you will also relieve back pain. Whilst doing the exercise, make sure your back is straight and relaxed and not arched. 


During the later days of one's pregnancy, it is very common to experience bladder leaks. Kegels enable you to tone your bladder muscles thereby reducing any risks of childbirth associated incontinence. The more you incorporate kegels in your workout routine, the greater control you have over any leaks especially during sneezing, coughing, laughing, etc. 

​Bonus Workouts for Baby and Mom

Many women do not start working out until a lot later post-partum largely due to the fact that it is next to impossible to find any time. These exercises involve both mother and baby so both can benefit from them. Since they will take time to get the hang of, practice with a substitute first like maybe a sack of flour or a doll. There are 3 main exercises you can engage in namely;

  • The Baby Glider: Forward lunges with baby in front pack.
  • The Baby Bouncer: side lunges with baby in front pack.
  • Rock-a-Baby Squats and Curls: Squats with baby in front pack.

Lose baby weight gradually with these exercises and get back into your pre-baby body in no time.
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