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How to Train Yourself for Women Bodybuilding Competition

Women Bodybuilding Guide

The high heel, bikini and posing on stage; all this takes the women's figure competition to another level of a beauty pageant. However, figure competitions are bigger challenges physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

You must have wondered how the women and men working for to rock the stage at grace pages of strength magazines and competitions achieve this amazing shape. Indeed bodybuilding is one of the toughest sports in which sportswomen compete in. It takes years of preparation, dedication and grueling to reach this competitive level.

As ladies consist of a lesser proportion of body fat as compared to men, it becomes all more difficult for them to achieve stage ready level of muscle definition. Due to which it becomes an unachievable goal for some genetic makeups and physique types. Moreover, this routine may bring quite some health risks for ladies.

There are three phases of heavy weight lifting and bodybuilding competition that has its own nutrition needs and purpose. Every individual's need differed and based on their body composition. A sports dietitian provides a meal plan to match the physical and training goal in each phase. This individualized approach helps a competitor to prevent malnutrition and adopt a suitable dietary variety.

​First Phase –Building Muscles

Bulking up is all about phase one of this training. However, it also depends on the type of category you are preparing for. For example, if it is bikini then there is less emphasis on the beefiness and muscularity. This phase is solely dependent on the muscle mass building and consuming appropriate calories like proteins and carbohydrates and minimizing fat consumption. This diet plan is coupled with heavy lifting training. 

​Second Phase –Reducing Fat 

This phase is also called 'cutting' as it involves dropping energy intake, so that body fat is reduced. Muscles are retained in this phase as much as possible. The carbohydrates and energy intake I lowered yet the protein ingestion remains high. This diet agenda is coupled with growing energy expenditure by performing continued cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The result is increased definition and leanness.

There is a major role of a sports dietitian in this phase as he controls energy intake that has to be low so that fat loss may be promoted yet high enough so that strength is maintained and lean muscle loss is minimized.

All of this needs to be done by avoiding unhealthy practices and bad health consequences. It is advisable that bodyweight is lost at the pace of 0.5kg per week over longer duration instead of a rapid loss. In this stage, the use of DXA (Dual X-ray Absorptiometry) is quite beneficial to determine body composition of losses.

​Third Phase –Peak Week

This is a pre-competition phase where the sportswomen try to increase fullness and definition of muscles. It is also known as peak week or peaking as a competitor is becoming stage ready. Just before the last two days of competition dehydration is used to attain a shrink-wrapped facade yet there is not a single evidence of safe practice involved in this approach. Some of the competitors applied this strategy during last 48 hours of their big day and interestingly could not come up with their desired appearance.

A sports dietitian's training is strongly recommended in this phase as nutritional strategies around bowel health, maintaining strength and alertness on stage and electrolytes science may be implemented to make the most of preparations and performance outcomes.

​            Quick Women Bodybuilding Tips 

Insulin Control 

The diet of sportswomen is based on insulin control that leads to leaner muscles without fat gain.The insulin is actually a storage hormone which is when secreted it blunts fat burning. When the insulin secretion is controlled by choosing low carbs, the fat gain is decreased, and fat loss is increased. When the blood sugar gets stable, it improves moods and energy levels.

Appropriate Protein  

Adequate intake of protein is crucial as it sustains the creation of new muscles. At first, eating a large amount of protein will be difficult, but when you get used to it, you will enjoy the fullness and satisfied feeling.

​Curve Appeal

The beautiful curves can only be added with sufficient amount of compound and free-weight exercises. Do not forget that! 

The Diet

For some women's bodybuilding competition may be intimidating and confusing sport yet millions of women compete in this event every year. It is the fastest growing athletic affair in the world. The most appealing factor of women bodybuilding is the domino effect that makes them able to achieve things which they thought were impossible.

A diet plan of 2-6 months needs religious following depending on the physique and training goals. The most important factor in the diet plan is the food consumption of food groups.

Sadly the sportswomen follow the food rules that are poorly advised or planned or are readily available on the internet. If you can't find a reputable dietitian, follow hubfit to get the best women body-building diet and nutrition regime that'll help you on your way to heavyweight bodybuilding.

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