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Manuka Honey Dosage & Benefits | Manuka Honey UMF Rating System


In New Zealand Manuka Honey was found by bees that pollinate and fertilize the bush of Manuka, Manuka Honey is one of the most valuable, unique and beneficial forms of honey in all over the world. There are lots of Manuka honey uses that range from digestive diseases and healing painful throats to curing gingivitis and Staph infections.

The studies of experts and researchers found that Manuka honey covers extremely powerful antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Manuka honey dosages may even kill and remove antibiotic impervious bacteria strains from the human body, which is actually an increasing problem internationally. A vast variety of health conditions it can heal. So, make it part of your tablets cabinet!

Manuka Honey Dosage & Benefits

The Dosages & benefits of Manuka Honey have been peddled in the usual health world for a lengthy period and even add in current times because an increasing form of study is opening to support thousands of times of traditional medicine. Some of the top Manuka Honey Dosages & Benefits include:

1.Helps in Improves Sleep

2.Health Booster and Beauty Treatment

3.Improves Immunity and Sore Throats

4.Prevents Gingivitis and Tooth Decay

5.Helps Allergies

6.IBD Treatment and Aids IBS

7.May Help Treat Eczema and Acne

8.Helps with Acid Reflux, Low Stomach Acid, SIBO

9.Ulcers, Wounds and Treat Burns

10.Combats Staph Infections (MRSA)

How it Works

Bacteria and other germs have the ability to transform and become resistant to elements that are trying to abolish them, for example, antibiotics. On the other hand, manuka honey kills germs in a different way, by drawing water out of the microbes, building it difficult for the bacteria to live. Thus far, there has been not any reported viruses that have been able to grow a resistance to manuka honey.

How Manuka Heals Wounds

in so many manners Manuka honey aids wound healing. It's pure and antibacterial action quickly destroys microbes, spreading into the tissues of skin to spread deep contagions and infections. The action of Anti-inflammatory decreases pain and swelling. The manuka honey dosage also has an osmotic effect, cleaning the wound and lifting dirt out. It's wet healing surroundings lets for the renewal of fresh skin improvement, avoiding damaging and scaring. Once a covering is transformed, there is no tearing away of freshly made tissue as the honey forms an obstacle to the dressing and the wound. And by killing the microbes and germs that create ammonia, bad smell from a wound is expressively decreased.

How Much Manuka Honey Should I Take Per Day?

Manuka Honey Dosage can be used topically or verbally. Below are the following Manuka Honey Dosages including scheduling that is recommended:

•Digestive distressed and infections: UMF or MGS 17+ to 24+ (daily 1 to 3 teaspoons)

•Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, or Rosacea: Apply honey to the pretentious area, contain with covering, and leave on for 60 minutes in a whole day.

•Topical: Apply honey with MGS 20 plus or greater action every 12 hours and include a bandage and a dry sterile gauze.

•Improved immunity: Molan Gold Standard or sometimes (MGS) or UMF 10 plus (daily 1 to 2 teaspoons).

Manuka Honey UMF Rating System

The greatest and most ordinary rating system that processes the sterile strength on a gauge from 0 to 50 is recognized as the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor). The trademark of Unique Manuka Factor specifies that the dealer is regulated and is needed to do tests from the laboratory on each group of honey to estimate its sterile strength. On the tag, there should also be a license number listed somewhere. Once the label or tag simply lists a digit, i.e. 15 plus, without the "UMF" letters or only mentions to it as "lively", there is no guarantee that it is really healing grade.

Manuka Honey Gum Infection

A study of researchers was conducted by 40 helpers and the consequences showed that Manuka Honey Dosage might have a helpful and healing role in treating periodontal infection and gum disease.

Manuka honey is established to be unaffected and unpretentious by usual body enzymes. This means that the sterile features of Manuka Honey cannot be demolished by the body fluids letting Manuka honey to have destroyed the microbes and additional viruses that makes gum infection before it becomes dissolved into the system.

Final Thoughts  on Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, especially manuka honey dosages that has the unique aspect of Manuka, has even additional nutritional and resistant-improving abilities than usual raw honey. Other varieties of honey don't have this Unique Manuka Factor (UFM), so always try to find Manuka honey that does.

The benefits of Manuka honey contain helping with acid reflux, SIBO, and low stomach acid; possibly treating eczema and acne; opposing MRSA; ulcers, wounds and treating burns,; avoiding gingivitis and tooth decay; helping IBD and IBS treatment; improving immunity and sore throats; improving sleep; helping with allergies; and functioning as a loveliness product.

You can also take Manuka honey to eat it straight or add it to your much loved herbal tea, in excess of yogurt, on sprouted grain bread, etc.

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