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Not a Workout Person? Play Sports!

Benefits of Playing Sports

What is vital to preserve physical and mental health? As we are aging the ability to survive independently has become crucial.

Having a regular workout regime is the best thing that you can do to your body. It helps in improving heart health, builds up strong bones, enhances immunity and aids in weight control and enhanced. The latest research shows those weekend warriors who somehow manage to get an hour or two on Sundays and Saturdays have significantly lowered the risk of cancer and cardiovascular deaths. Isn't it amazing? However, sports have more benefits over workout.

Here's why you should be playing sports more!


The latest research shows that individuals who play racquet, football sports, do cycling, swimming and running have a lesser risk of premature death. We all are aware of compelling evidences about physical activity but little we know about the magnanimous benefits of sports disciplines although millions of people are into playing sports.

The data from 1994-2006 was assessed, and it was revealed that racquet sports players like badminton, squash, and tennis had a lower risk of premature death around 47% while heart diseases risk was reduced to 56% as compared to those who adopt other kinds of sports.

​What is so great about playing sports?

​The top 10 sports listed as healthiest include running, boxing, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, rowing, and squash. If you think why these sports make the top list, then we got our reasons here. 

The 30 minutes of sports give an impressive respiratory cardio workout that builds up endurance and gives muscular strength in lower body. The flexibility of the back and core can be easily improved thanks to lunges, turns, and twists that are essential in each game. The sports scored impressive five out of five in injury risk, burned calories, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance and muscular strength.

​Health Benefits

Sports are fun. It shows your physical ability and competitive streak. Here are few health benefits of the games that incorporate fitness into your life:

  • Flexibility gets a boost thanks to stretching and lunging during sports.
  • Calories get burn to higher levels due to continuous rallying and extensive muscle stretching. The modest recovery time is good news for the people yearning for weight loss.
  • The aerobics involved in games boost lung, muscle and heart endurance.
  • The extra power and strength get accumulated in legs and arms muscles.
  • The matches of sports boost concentration and mental strength.
  • The cardiovascular boost pumps more oxygen throughout your body and energizes muscles.
  • The hand-to-eye coordination is improved.

Ease of getting the hang of it 

The best part about sports is you can play with anyone, irrespective of age and fitness level. They are easy to learn, require minimal equipment and pretty affordable. Most cities and town have at least one sports club that you can join easily. The greatest motivation is the calories burn that is of highest level during sports. An hour of games can burn 1000 plus calories.

So, start playing sports instead of solo work out sessions to get social and psychological kicks along with unlimited health benefits.

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