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Orange Theory Workout –The Hottest Fitness Trend That Promises Results Faster


If you are a fitness freak, then you must know Orange theory. Globally people are falling for this new sensational workout method. A 60-minute workout class will make you think like you've given it all while promising some real strength in return.

What makes it different from other traditional workouts and obsessing for people to go crazy? Basically, it is all about working out just hard enough- and, importantly measuring the output, so you know exactly where you stand after each workout. Also, the post workout results of Orange theory are far better than those of regular fitness methods.

Here are few features why Orange theory is the workout you need. 

​What Exactly Is Orange theory?

Basic color theory reflects orange hues as enthusiastic, passionate and energized. You need all of these if you want to workout this way. Your body is pushed to the ultimate limits for a 60-minute heart rate based interval workout. Here are few features which make this method a swift and result-driven one.

​The After-Burn Effect

Yes, they call it the after-burn effect because the calories and fats are burnt even after 24-36 hours of workout. Amazing, isn't it? The code is called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Your body is continuously put into unrest during this hour and guarantees more calories burn than any other traditional workout.

​60 Minutes Needs to Count

You only workout for few hours a week so you need to make each minute count. The activities at Orange theory are smartly distributed across the intervals. You sweat hard to earn the maximum benefits of those 60 precious minutes.

​Every Day is a New Day At Gym

You know what's the best thing about it? No workout is done twice. All exercises, treadmill, rowers, suspension and weight training are carefully programmed by skilled trainers every day to mark every single day entertaining and fun-filled.

​Systematic Zone-By-Zone Approach

The workout is split into color-coded zones named as:

  • Blue (light stretch mode)
  • Green (difficult but manageable)
  • Orange (challenging and uncomfortable)
  • Red (all out sweat out)

The goal is to get you into the latter 2 zones for 12- 20 minutes which causes maximum body potential utilization and produces lasting effects.

​You Are Your Own Competition

During this training, a newbie and a professional athlete are at the same level because they both go through a similar workout with the help of personalized heart rate monitoring. The trainers ensure that everyone is working at the same level.

​Know You Performance in Real Time

A wearable heart rate monitor, synced with the app allows real-time tracking and displays the progress over the screen. So, at the end of 60 minutes, you know exactly what you burnt today. Visual aids are also used to assist in the correct execution of drills.  

​The Environment Is Just Lit

Wanna party while sweating out? The ambiance and upbeat music, coupled with the welcoming and supportive conduct of trainers make it more enjoyable. The fellow mates are rocking too they lift up and appreciate each other during the class.

This trending workout regime is a complete package if you have 60 minutes and determined to sweat hard, give it a shot. Everyone is a winner at Orange theory.

Good luck!

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