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Pyramid Training: Strength Workout for Athletes & Bodybuilders

pyramid training strength workout

Have you ever heard about pyramid training? If you aren't, so pay attention. No, It isn't an ancient Egyptian trick which is been kept secret for centuries, but it's still a trusted technique. Read on, to gather some knowledge on pyramid training strength workout.

If you wish to lose fat, strengthen your muscles or hypotrophy, enrolling in a pyramid training program isn't a bad idea!

Pyramid training is usually carried out by increasing the weight and decreasing the reps throughout each set. Out of the many techniques on how to build muscle and strength, pyramid training is a predominant that consistently gets better results.

What Exactly is Pyramid Workout Training? 

It is a leading-edge procedure for experienced weightlifters man & woman that have elevated with their ongoing routine and are looking for a new challenge. It involves multiple sets with the repetitions curtailing for each set while the weight increase. You can follow few familiar applications of that basic style to increase strength and comprehensive fit.

Many women might have a very exhausting time putting on any size and curves. The best part your muscles do, it constantly burns fat that together with a balanced diet will give you a leaner & firmer look year round without having to do hours and hours of cardio.

​Workout Nutrition

Contrasting workout nutritional plans paired together with a good diet plan can work wonders. Try to change your workout schedule every 4 to 6 weeks and fuel your body with the best fuel & right food and supplements.

You shall have a pre-during & post-workout drink that will alleviate your muscles from dying desolate of glycogen through this time of exhaust. However, remind not to lose muscle size during the workout for better results. You can use a combination of Vitargo (A sugar-free carbohydrate for fueling (PRE & POST), for any powerful training) along with glutamine & creatine through the workout as a workout nutrition.

​Attack Weights

You might need a weight attacking strategy. You can take parts of someone else workouts and compose various workout programs that suit your needs, this is how you can learn from others the way they carry out training.

Consider each muscle area to focus every day. Here are different workouts priorities that will wake up your muscles from the long winter sleep and help them grow into a curvy summer shape, or to a competitive muscular build.

  • Day 1: Arms
  • Day 2: Chest/Abdominals
  • Day 3: Rest
  • Day 4: Shoulders
  • Day 5: Back
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Legs/Calves
  • Day 8: Rest

These workouts will potentially improve your strength since you will be working both types of muscle fibers. I shall explain these daily workout techniques on my next blog probably. As yet, you may comment down below, if you wish to read about pros & cons of pyramid training strength workout. Stay tuned!

Understanding the Work out Philosophy

Pyramid training is perfectly done with massive blended exercises which may involve multiple muscles and joints. Using pyramids over isolation exercises that aim at smaller muscles caters much less incentive than combo exercises.

Stick to different combo movements and place them at the start of your pyramid workout for better results. Some exercises to try this and kick off workouts with are the squat, deadlift, leg press, inverted rows, lunges, chest press, rows, weighted pull-ups, shoulder workouts and overhead presses. You'll yield the improvement from both unilateral and bilateral exercises so try experimenting with both.

Focusing on pyramid training allows more recovery between sets and give you a pump that's beyond intense. Maintain balance with your training and manage pyramid methods by tracking your workouts. Keep in mind that the 1st set off the pyramid workout should be for 5 to 8 reps, the 2nd for 9 to 12 and the final for 13 or greater. Blend your training trial with a calorie-controlled diet for faster fat loss and muscle gain.

Don't forget to seek medical advice before beginning your new workout and also get trainer's help at the gym if you need guidance on the techniques. 

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