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Why Consistency Matters with Your Fitness Routine?

consistency is the key to achieve fitness goals

On a usual note, missing a day or two of workout makes it harder to get back on the trail next day. Similarly, few cheat meals surely helps in keeping yourself happy but finding motivation to have the same boring diet next day is difficult for some.

Let's be honest, we are anxious beings who want the quick results without putting in much effort, and thus we end up looking for shortcuts and easy-way-outs when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

Studies say that it's not the lack of enthusiasm only. As a matter of fact, it's amongst a number of other factors that keep you sticking to a workout.

Generally, we say it's the lack of motivation that prevents us of achieving our fitness goals. But there is one important ingredient that decides the length of your fitness journey –consistency!

Through my journey of weight loss, I have notices that the one main factor that keeps or accelerate people reaching their fitness goals is consistency. We must stay aware of this fact that without being consistent, we can't reap the benefits of workout and diet plans, regardless of how effective that fitness regime promised to be.

Mentioned below are 3 ways how you can channel consistency into your everyday exercising and diet pattern, and thus get results as per your goal and deadline.

​3 Ways How Consistency Can Improve your Exercise and Diet Plan to Achieve your Fitness Goals

Add Resistance Training (MRT) To Your Workout Regime

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Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) makes up one of the many factors that not only helps you to regain endurance and strength during physical exercise, but also helps you to lose fat adequately. MRT encourages the basal metabolic rate to increase with conformity, which helps to burn fat and eventually, promotes a lean and uniform body mass and structure.

Training with a skilled physical trainer also helps to kick off those sessions of strenuous exercise which require consistency and endurance. Working out with a partner also helps to stay motivated, and thus, allows you to encourage each other.

Most trainers recommend MRT in order to encourage consistency progressively. This can be done by lifting a fixed set of weights a couple of days every week, which can be adequately increased in terms of endurance and consistency.

​Healthy Nutrition

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The inability to stick to a healthy diet plan comprising of oats, nutritious salads and fresh juices might compromise your entire pact of fitness. Nutrition is probably the most important factor which lacks consistency during the battle of weight loss, and it might actually topple your entire struggle.

Dieting doesn't necessarily mean starvation, deprivation and cutting off from your favorite foods totally. Binging through cheat days or staying on a strict diet for a couple of days every week might penalize your fitness goal, thus resulting in inconsistency, and eventually leading to more days to complete you goal.

Trainers prefer eating 5-6 short meals every day, which allows you to stick to the right amount of foods, and thus ingest the required amount of calories as well. Preparing healthy meals beforehand are also beneficial since they allow you to avoid binging on fast food racks. 

More Cardio Activity 

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Dieting alone can be a bummer at times, and it can usually take up more muscle in the struggle of losing weight. In order to retain your strength and muscles with the course of your exercise, we would advise you to indulge in cardio every day before breakfast or prior to going to bed at night.In this way, you can take in a little bit more of calories than required every day, and burn them with your cardio in order to stick to your diet and exercise.

Increased cardiovascular training not only allows your healthy regimen to boast with consistency, but also helps you to look forward to exercise and routine weight-lifting. Dieting doesn't necessarily mean starvation, deprivation and cutting off from your favorite foods totally.

Remember, anything is achievable if it's pursued with consistency. Keep it added in your daily routine. You can fluctuate the quantity of it depending on the situations, however, keeping it there on a consistent note, and striving to fulfill your daily fitness task not only drive you closer to your fitness goals but also develop healthy lifestyle habits

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