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Work Smarter Not Longer! 4 Easy Exercises with Longer Benefits

Work Smarter Not Harder

Let's face the reality. We all dread long workouts at the gym. This is especially true when you don't get the results you desire fast.

Many common complaints revolve around the fact that you workout 5 days in a week but you see no improvement in your body. Nothing can be as painful as that.

You may have heard the statement change is necessary in life and just like that, you require change in your workout regime once in a while too.

A certain point in time comes where your body gets bored to the extent it no longer responds. We term that as saturation point. It's necessary to rekindle the lost fire from within by giving your body the challenge it deserves.

With these simple yet smarter exercises, you can get the gains you deserve at a quicker pace. Not only will you feel better, you'll look better too. 

Say Goodbye to Machines 

There's no doubt that machines are a fabulous way of working certain muscle groups but if you want better and faster results, you need to focus on your entire body as a whole. When you involve your entire body, you're bound to burn more calories and build up more muscle.

One great exercise to include is the dumbbell row performed bent over. Here, you're strengthening your back while your hips, shoulders and biceps work to stabilize the movement of your body.

Aim for Full-body Workout Regimes 

A very common trend in today's time is to have a designated day set for working out a particular body part. It could be leg day today and upper body day tomorrow. You may think you're doing yourself a favor, but you actually aren't.

A lot of sports for example involve coordinated movement to be performed. If you choose to imply stress on one particular body area each day instead of as a whole, your body will fail to perform at optimum level.

Try performing lunge exercises with a weight in your hands. Step forward with your left leg, balance it out and then raise your left arm towards the side. Don't forget to be parallel to the floor. Now lower your left arm, balance it out and get back to standing.

You can even alternate with opposite side lunges and raises for the ultimate shoulder and leg move. With one full body regime per week, it'll be great for working out that core.

Amalgamate Cardio with Strength Training 

You'll be amazed by what you can get by combining cardio activity with strength training. With little rests in between, go hard core on strength training using weights and then add in tiny bursts of intense cardio like jump rope or jumping jacks.

In half the time, the results are truly worth every sweat.

Indulge in the Promising banded hip Thrust

This exercise is a common favorite amongst models everywhere. It helps in getting you the ideal behind and also works at alleviating knee and back pain.

All you need to do is place the band on your hips and strap the brace to the core. Keep your neck and back parallel, while your shoulders lying upon the bench. Now push your hips in an upward manner, don't forget to squeeze your bottom at the top. You'll get that burn in the glutes region after 15 reps.

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