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or organ imbalances in the body, food intolerances, nutritional deficiency and more. It can also be used to choose the right supplements for the body.

In this guide, we try to learn how to muscle test yourself for supplements and use the technique to find out what supplements would work for you. 

How Muscle Tests Work For Supplements?

Muscle testing is a feedback mechanism that helps get answers about different things from our subconscious mind. Through muscle testing, we use the subconscious muscle response as a feedback tool considering the fact that muscles respond differently to various inputs. 

Muscle testing works on the idea that your subconscious mind is in continuous contact with the body and knows your opinions and beliefs. It communicates with the cells and knows your physiology well. Through a muscle test, you access this information from the subconscious mind. 

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Hardcore Ab Workout

When most people think of their core, the first thing that they think of is abs. Did you know that a “strong core” is so much more than having toned abs or a six pack? While these are not the only muscles that make up your core, I’ve written this workout to help challenge some of your deeper ab muscles – such as your transverse abdominus and your obliques! I think you will love this one 😉 If you do, be sure to check out this ab…

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20-Minute Bench Workout!

One message that I’m incredibly passionate about is that you do not need a gym membership to be healthy and fit! I I always tell my BBG Girls that all you need is a few basic pieces of equipment, some room to move and some dedication!

A bench is one of my favourite pieces of equipment because it is so versatile! It can help you break up a sweat in so many ways! You can find another one of my bench workouts here.

Free Bench Workout


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A Quick & Effective Inner Thigh Workout – Kayla Itsines

Ladies, today I am going to share a workout that is often requested on my social media and that is an inner thigh workout! 

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If you’ve done some of my other leg workouts, particularly my Tabata leg workout, you’ll know you certainly feel every muscle the next day! While it is important to ensure you are training your whole body, particularly if fat loss is your goal, that doesn’t mean you can’t do targeted workouts from…

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